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I’m a full stack web developer, graduated as “Superior Technician for Smart City & Energy Clean Management” in the biennial ITS / EQF5 course organized by “Fondazione Green” and its partners (Stiima-CNR and UniBs) and previously graduated from a three-year Technical School with the title of “Computer Technician”. I’m a software development and digital art enthusiast, constantly improving my skills thought a “learn by doing” approach.

Work Experiences

Software Developer

Ethea | 11/2020 - Present

Software Developer - Web designer. Among the projects that have been assigned to me, Sport Club Manager stands out, a management software used by sports clubs.

  • Web & Desktop app development in Delphi.
  • Database, scripting and backup management.
  • Creation and maintenance of technical documentation.
  • System integration and control version.
  • Web design, images, logos and svg.
  • Smart teamwork.

Software Developer

Tecnimex | 01/2020 - 07/2020


  • Web app development.
  • System integration.
  • Control version.
  • Teamwork.

Enterprising Artist

Freelance | 2012 - 2018

Graphic Designer for private clients and companies.

  • Design of logos, advertising images and characters.
  • Create a website to promote my services.
  • Customer management.
  • Photo retouching.

Computer Technician

Editorial M.E.S | 07/2007 - 08/2008


  • System and network administrator.
  • Help Desk In-House.



Open Source

A project for a client during my apprenticeship at the Tecnimex company. Web application that facilitates the administrative management of apartment buildings.

Dustbin IoT

Open Source

This project was conceived as a thesis for the ITS course: "Superior Technician for Smart City & Clean Energy Management". It's an intelligent system for managing the refuse collection of a Smart City, a fully functional web application written in Python / Django and deployed in Heroku. As database it uses Postgresql leaning on the Django ORM. And Javascript, HTML and CSS for the frontend.

Hidden Folder

Open Source

Personal project that was born from my desire to hide some folders when leaving my usb to colleagues. The usefulness of this program is to hide any folder effectively from Windows OS interface even on USB devices, so that these folders remain hidden on different computers.