Case Study: Condominium

A web application that facilitates the administrative management of apartment buildings.

Tecnimex s.r.l.

IT systems integration company operating especially in networking, IT security and application development. The purpose of this web app is to facilitate the administrative management of an apartment building. A live preview of the app is available at

Project Requirements

  • News portal where easily create and modify articles.
  • Spam-proof form for sending questions by email.
  • Allow the download of official documents.
  • Deploy on Apache / Windows.
Open source

Project Overview

The customer needs a web application to help them make documents, news and notices available to everyone quickly and easily. In addition, a form is also required to send questions by email.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge of this project was to deploy the Django application in Apache using Windows due to the Windows policy that imposes the compilation of the mod_wsgi module, another big problem was the outdated documentation of Apache for a correct configuration in Windows and the existence of a bug in Python that further hinders the procedure. Due to all this and after a lot of research, I decided to create a guide on my blog to help those who face the same difficulty.

The Approach & Solution

After writing the requirements, I started to make a mockup of the interface to obtain the approval of the client, thus making a presentation from which the following images come in order to continue with the realization of the project.


I used the boostrap framework to create the site template faster while maintaining a professional look. Once the static site was completed and approved, I proceeded to deliver it and started building the Django web app.

The Results

Both the client and the manager are satisfied with the result. I was able to learn how to implement a Django application in Apache and Windows and with it the basics of setting up an Apache server and ultimately helping others through my blog.
You can see a live preview of the app available at

Client Testimonial

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